Blueberry Johnsons

The Blueberry Johnsons Present: The Blueberry Johnsons Institute of Sketch Comedy (Featuring The Blueberry Johnsons)

Who: The Bluebery Johnsons, employees of the Blueberry Johnsons Institute and all associated sister schools.
What: A sketch comedy show featuring live preformance, pre recorded dissertations and a review session.
When: Friday November 14th at 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30)
Where: The Memorial Union Ballroom at The University of Rhode Island
How: By the grace of god (and by presenting $5 at the door).
Why: Because you might learn something. Also because the proceeds go to charity. A percentage of the ticket price will go to the Children's Miracle Network. The Institute cares about the youth of today.

Westside Amphitheater Chooses For Demolition

As most of you already know, Blueberry Johnson's has moved to a new home, and we've been looking for a company to demolish the Westside Amphitheater. We've just chosen a local demolition company, Pro Demolition Company, to perform the demolition and restoration of the Westside Amphitheater. We chose Pro Demolition Company due to the fact that they are local, and they have a ton of satisfied clients. Check out for more information about demolition in Yonkers or to find a local demolition company in Los Angeles or anywhere else throughout the United States.

For additional information including a revised syllabus, please contact